Weekly Football Coupons & Rangers Transfer Round-Up

Written by Andy

Why do we do it lads?

Every single week the coupon’s go on and the anticipation of bookie bashing is upon us!

Sometimes it starts well you have one or two teams leading in the first 20 minutes and sometimes it doesn’t and your coupon is done in the first 20 minutes with a few teams losing by two or more goals!

One team syndrome might be a better name for that haha!

Whether it’s an accumulator,both teams to score or a European coupon mine’s either win by several odd goals and tense finale’s or lose by a single team or goal there seems to be no in between it’s always nerve racking!

Started the same last season where I literally couldn’t buy a winner then just after the January transfer window of 2012 I won seven or eight coupons between then and the end of the season!

It can be a bit of a sucker time to bet on the coupons as lot’s of teams have new manager’s,new players especially after the drama of the Transfer Deadline Day last night and some even have new league’s to play in which brings new places to play,new pitches they may not have played on before and new expectations within the support as everyone wants to get off to a flyer.

Despite having what I think is a good knowledge of the game in several league’s I don’t win every week and nowhere near as much as I should but I suppose we have to accept upsets and underdog’s win in every league all over the world from time to time.

But it’s the adrenaline and fun aspect I suppose isn’t it! If you get that one winner it makes it all worthwhile and you want to go again just like playing golf I suppose you might hit a number of terrible shots but it only takes that one cracking shot to make you go the next week!

I also find it funny with some woman online who moan about the guys either sad or happy about their football coupons…All I’m saying is now you know who we feel when you go on about shit TV shows such as ‘Karaoke Factor’ or ‘I’m a Z-list Celebrity Desperate For More Money Get Me Out Of Here’ and other pish such as those!

But all in all a coupon win and bashing the bookies is amazing when it happens and even if you lose out you can bet (no pun intended haha) you will be back next week for more! MON THE COUPON!!!!

Anyway let’s get to the second part of the blog which as you will have guessed by the title is a two for one special this time!

I’d like to recap on Rangers dealings in the full transfer window

Personally I am very happy with what we have done, Having had time to reflect and appreciate the situation we have done not badly at all.

I know I was on the night before last on the Transfer Deadline Day blog saying we could have done with a few players in but the only positions I worry for is left back and centre half. The latter wouldn’t have been the case had Boca stayed but at the end of the day we have to look at what we have.

We have 25 players to work with and a lot of our fans who were screaming out for five,six and seven players have to realise you can only register 22 players over 21 years of age the fact we had to register all our players over add to the fact several ex players who jumped ship such as Naismith,McGregor,Lafferty and Whittaker are still registered to enable us to get a fee out of the clubs they went to in the hope FIFA get us some money back from them. So when you consider that plus looking at what we have got I don’t think anyone can complain at all especially since we were so close not to having a club at all.

Yes we are light at centre back but we have players that can play there and if that is the last resort scenario it may only be for a few games. I know a lot of fans prefer Big Jig to stay up top and I’m one of them he is very effective there but he would be comfortable at centre back in SFL 3 in my view.

Some of the comments from a certain negative forum and the odd few on Twitter were quite frankly absurd and I reckon these people are either trolling,not fans of Rangers or just talking silly out in anger. Some even have this idea we can’t sign players for two years…where is this coming from? We can sign players now if we wanted to we can’t REGISTER players for 12 months. We can sign free agents 12 months from now as the ban is up midnight September 1st 2013. Interestingly there will be a few talented young SPL players out of contract at the end of the season so it will be intriguing to see what our scouts do there. Predictably some were also giving it the Green has got what he wanted shite by letting all the big earners go and bring in free transfer’s. Remember the people who whipped you up into a frenzy by telling you not to buy season tickets until Walter Smith and his consortium were in are now telling you to in fact buy season tickets and are even trying to get Mr Green on their good side while denying they ever did tell fans not to purchase season tickets!

For years many have said they want the youth to get a chance and this is the time they will finally get that chance to step up and stake a claim. Barrie McKay and Lewis MacLoed have already shown what is possible if you work hard and there are several others in with a shout also.

PS – I’m not proclaiming to be some kind of know it all because I’m not but I know most of our fans are bright enough to see the bigger picture! Those lines above were for the drama queen element in our support!

I also seen a few have a go at Boca for leaving..let me correct those he hasn’t left he like Dorin Goian is only away for one year on a loan and will be back next season so let’s give it a rest with the traitor pish we all know who actually did walk out on the club and who didn’t.

So let’s have a recap and see what we have done shall we first of all let’s remember while we are still the biggest club in the country and still welcoming the chase we are in SFL 3 and any player especially one with potential and talent to play at a much higher level than even the SPL to get them to play at this level is amazing.

Ian Black – Hearts player of the season and has been getting better and better since he moved there from Inverness. I’m glad a lot of fans have seen past the Jelavic tackle and supported him. Scotland cap from SFL isn’t bad either

Dean Shiels – Kilmarnock player of the season scores goals makes assists and is a Northern Ireland international. Won the League Cup last season also and has already shown he will thrive in a Rangers shirt. He will be the player in the free role position drifting about the attacking areas and will be a key player.

Francisco Sandaza – Yup you guessed it another player of the year last season this time at St Johnstone. Fran has scored goals at Dundee United and St Johnstone with only injury blighting his time with both clubs. Yes he had a bad performance at Berwick but this man will score goals for us

Emilson Cribari – I saw this man play at Lazio and he was a rock superb defender solid in tackle and intelligent on the ball. Once he adjusts to live in Scotland he will be the man at the back

Kevin Kyle – I don’t think he will be a starter but he is a good option to bring off the bench to go route one and try nick a late goal if required. The goal Andy Little got at Peterhead proves this. Not everyone’s cup of tea and I like my teams playing football on the deck not route one but there comes a time in games you have to lump it in the box late on and Kyle provides this service

Sebastian Faure – Early days yet but I thought he was very assured in the middle of the park against Falkirk. I think he will be played in his natural position of centre back alongside Cribari but he comes from a good pedigree at Lyon so lets hope he shows what he can do

Anestis Argyriou – Thought he was one of the best players on the park at Falkirk and despite playing in a very uncomfortable left back role at Berwick he still tried to get up and down the flank. When we didn’t get McGowan last night I was happy as I didn’t think we needed another right back and I hope this lad goes from strength to strength from here

Francesco Stella – Attacking midfielder can beat a man with ease and possesses a good strike and has the creative edge to supply strikers with a through ball. We haven’t had this type of player for a while and I genuinely believe he will be a crowd pleaser. Sydney FC to Sienna now Rangers lets hope he shines at Ibrox. Once the international clearance from Italy arrives of course!

David Templeton – The marquee signing the big one our number one target. I have been raving about this lad for the past few seasons and I’m sure fellow Bears have also. Very skilful player decent crosser of the ball and can score goals to. He terrorised Liverpool’s defence over both legs and I can’t wait to see Temps in action. Could have easily ended up in England but the fact he has chosen Rangers delights me and many other fans. Predictably the press and other clubs fans have said he lacks ambition…WHY? Rangers will be trying to win SFL 3,2,1 then the SPL all in a row AND all the cups we partake in…Doesn’t he have a better chance winning the cups especially and league honours with Rangers than Hearts? Fantastic move for both parties

When you consider where we have been wasn’t it just great to actually be involved in this transfer window? Actually being linked with players was great! Remember January 2012 there…how horrible was that? Yes we have the illegal transfer ban to contend with but that is only 12 months this squad has more than enough to win the SFL 3 and have a few cup runs also. This same squad will do just as well in SFL 2 for the first 6 months of the season also and lets hope we can sign a few free agents after September 1st 2013 as I reckon there might be one or two gems who will take the risk to stay out of contract!

Good luck to all the new signings and of course to the players that remained from last season. The journey continues time to get the head down, now is the time for the youngsters to step up and lets get a winning mentality on the pitch also, lets move together as one.

We Are The People

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