Monthly Archives: March 2013

12-12-18…It’s falling apart

  Written by Andy I was very pleased to read the president of the SFL David Longmuir today tell us plans to get the 12-12-18 setup for next season is falling apart. The most ridiculous idea in the history of Scottish Football (and there has been a lot of them) is thankfully in danger of […]

Sporting Integrity When It Suits

  Written by Andy Don’t you just love the media in Scotland In the not to distant future when we Rangers Football Club went through the start of all our problems SPL chairmen and fans were literally¬†queuing up to take pop shots and fire allegations which would be later proven to be untrue against the […]

Attitude, Hunger & Desire @ RFC

Written by Andy For the second day in a row I find myself writing a negative blog about the club I love dearly something I’ve never had to do since starting to blog for fun last year. Today fans will no doubt have seen the tweets of some of our players and its been met […]

Times up Ally

  Written by Andy On the 22nd February 2011 when Ally McCoist was named as the next manager to succeed Walter Smith from June 2011 it was met as ever with a divide in opinion from the Rangers support. One half were happy Ally got the job citing the circumstances were similar as to when […]