Attitude, Hunger & Desire @ RFC

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Written by Andy

For the second day in a row I find myself writing a negative blog about the club I love dearly something I’ve never had to do since starting to blog for fun last year.

Today fans will no doubt have seen the tweets of some of our players and its been met with a fierce reaction from a lot of the Rangers support and rightly so.

The theme from yesterday’s blog will be carried into this one and the problem for me lies right at the door of the manager.

I mentioned yesterday our players train from 9 am until 12 noon each day with the exception of Wednesday which is a day off.

Today we saw Kyle Hutton talk about how he was on his way home from training (around 1pm) and he was going to engage in watching  a television program of his choice. Now to some that might not be a big deal or sound much but when you’re a professional footballer, and not a particularly fit one surely you could use all the help you can get?

Another point to add is the club just suffered its worst defeat in its history in the 2-1 defeat at Ibrox by Annan Athletic a club only founded in 2008 the year Rangers went all the way to the UEFA Cup Final, won two domestic cups & for reasons outside our control pipped in the league title race.

Annan that day like a lot of other PART TIME clubs we have face this year not only passed the ball much better than our midfield which included Mr Hutton but looked much fitter than our players and quite honestly could have won by more.

So you have to ask the question why are Rangers the only FULL TIME club in SFL 3 acting like a part time club? Its just seems to me and many other fellow fans the club as a whole has this SFL 3 part time mentality.

Yes we play in SFL 3 but we are Rangers

We are the most successful domestic football team on the planet and while we wanted ‘the journey’ and fully accepted the fact its a rebuilding job would be a long and difficult one it seems a few of our players and dare I say coaches have forgot just who the hell we are.

Darren Cole had the absolute cheek to use the line ‘easy sesh’ in his tweet in support of fellow comrade Hutton, Darren how would you know what an easy sesh is when your on the treatment table so often?

Disgusting attitude to mock and antagonise the great fans of this club that have supported you through thick and thin.

I don’t normally go against our players but when they act in this manner its like they are throwing all our support back in our face.

Darren for what its worth when your contract expires in a few months I sincerely hope you aren’t offered a new one.

Not all of our young players deserve the contents in this piece and many views of our support on forums & social networking sites, we do have some of them that do work hard and I hope that hard work will come to fruition if our manager decides to give them a chance instead of ‘his boys’.

I made a reference to the Billy Davies managerial insight video on my piece yesterday and asked how many of the things in that video do you think Ally does and its ironic watching it again, do you think a manager of Billy’s type would allow our players get away with this attitude?

Walter Smith banned players such as Maurice Edu from Twitter due to his lacklustre performances on the pitch and it showed in the remaining games as Edu got his bite back and performance levels were better.

I’m not saying ban Twitter from our players they have the right to discuss their business in which manner they choose, but when the football club suffers its most embarrassing defeat in its history tweeting about how you’re going home at 1pm in the afternoon to watch a TV series is the last thing the fans want to see.

This all stems down to the manager, he is the single factor that can change the attitude into the players but I’m afraid its not going to change under our current manager.

Too much laughing and joking and not enough hunger & desire.

If that last line was wrong why oh why haven’t the players shown it on match-days?

Why do part time players out play us and look fitter than us in most games?

I hope our young players take heed and use some of the greats in the game as an example

Look at guys like Ryan Giggs & David Beckham for example, the fitness levels of these guys is fantastic and at their age would run rings round some of our younger players

Its the hunger & desire factor to stay two hours behind at training to enhance your skills and fitness not go to Nando’s or the box at Old Trafford get a picture taken with Gareth Bale and put the hashtag ‘bossing it’ acting like you have made it.

Football is a short career and until the day you retire you can always improve an area of your game, you are never the complete player, something can always be improved upon

You won’t see guys like Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi head home to watch DVD’s they will be on the training pitch practising ‘weak’ areas of their game that’s why they are the best players on the planet.

It’s ironic after yesterday’s ‘Time’s Up Ally’ post in the comments section a fellow bear told me to stop banging on about facilities, I can’t help but think about the facilities in this piece so sorry to bang on about them again here but when you have a wonderful complex such as Auchenhowie surely as a professional footballer you’d never want to be away from the place? You’d want to be in there all day taking advantage and living the life as a footballer a job craved but millions but only experienced by the lucky select few.

So what now?

I hope the club is made aware of the disgusting attitude and contempt some of our players showed our fans today and it gives Ally the kick up the backside he needs to whip them into shape.

Sadly my confidence in our manager doing just that isn’t there but I’m forever the optimist.

I said this several times yesterday and I’ll say it again NOBODY IS BIGGER THAN THE FOOTBALL CLUB

Take note Mr Hutton & Mr Cole this club is much more important and bigger than you it was here long before you and will be here long after you, choose the correct attitude, hunger desire or risk losing the potential chance to become a great alongside some fine company in years gone by

Or choose the other path again like those before you and end up going down the leagues and if your not careful non league

Drop the ‘I’ve made it attitude’ , drop the Andrew Dickson like unprofessional Twitter comments, put down your @’s & #’s and show us the fans some hunger & desire

Best Regards

The Latest Disgruntled Version of The Sports Lab

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