NFL : Every Man’s JaMarcus Russell

Written by Steven


With JaMarcus Russell’s recent comeback attempt update, I thought I might highlight one player that deserves to be like a ball and kicked off (of each team in the NFL). The criteria is who I think should not be on each team, it only includes active players and it will not include people who are at least decent players but I  just don’t like. Also, I will delve into a new division each week. So anyways here we go;

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  • Bengals: John Connor, Full Back, while it is clear that Connor does deliver a hard lick on opposing defenders, he plays like a defensive lineman rather than a full back, he regularly gives up tackles for a loss and does not pass block efficiently enough to support Andy Dalton.
  • Browns: Shayne Graham, Kicker,  this man does not deserve to be a player, let alone on a team, I don’t understand why he keeps getting chances, his leg is underpowered, he is not accurate enough, he isn’t consistent enough to even kick off at the start of the game.
  • Ravens: Deonte Thompson, Wide Receiver, Thompson was a man that Harbaugh took a chance on and was left with a deficit rather than a surplus. He was intended to replace Anquan Boldin after a few years but he has not garnered the support of anyone in training camp and he has not been given the chances, when he has had a shot he has been so underwhelming its suffocating.
  • Steelers: William Gay, Cornerback, as a big Steelers fan, it is easy for me to say that any avid Steelers fan will remember the disgusting failure of Gay in Super Bowl 45 against Green Bay, giving up touchdowns left and right. It is clear to me that for ruining Pittsburgh’s record in hunting the lombardi’s that he should not be allowed in Pennsylvania, let alone the training field with his teammates.

We hope you enjoyed Steven’s first blog with The Sports Lab UK and he will be back soon with the next division very soon.

One comment

  1. William Gay is not my idea of a competent CB – agreed – but I think you’ll find that he’s a 100% better than the balloon the Steelers just signed from the Jags. GUY WHIMPER. Not content with having one JaMarcus on the roster the Steelers decide to help out a conference rival by taking there’s too!!

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