Written by Steven

With JaMarcus Russell’s recent comeback attempt update, I thought I might highlight one player that deserves to be like a ball and kicked off (of each team in the NFL). The criteria is who I think should not be on each team, it only includes active players and it will not include people who are at least decent players but I  just don’t like. Also, I will delve into a new division each week. So anyways here we go;


This week’s focus is the AFC East. (stupid Brady…)




  • Patriots: Jermaine Cunningham, Defensive End, Cunningham was a second round pick for the Patriots in the 2010 NFL draft, he was an integral part of that phenomenal 2008 Florida Gators team led by the anomaly that is Tim Tebow. In the 4 years he has already spent with the Patriots, Cunningham has played both with his hand in the dirt and standing, starting multiple games gave him an average amount of tackles for a rookie that was rotated in and out of games. However, injury and just plain ineptitude have led to him being a fringe player that is still occasionally mentioned as a possible impact player, in 4 seasons he has produced little and when he has produced anything, his stats are almost a liability to the team with various penalties and off the field problems.
  • Dolphins: Vaughn Martin, Defensive End, this young man came in to the Dolphins with all the hopes of the coaching staff on his back, yet his lack of production and the very limited snaps he is given suggests that much like myself, the coaching staff do not think much of his potential as an play-maker.
  • Bills: Alex Carrington, Defensive Tackle, the still relatively young D-lineman was originally drafted to fill the same role that Marcel Dareus fills now, pairing with the highly underrated Kyle Williams. Its was this task that Carrington failed to execute effectively and this is why i’m putting him here on my list.
  • Jets: Aaron Berry, Cornerback, as Sir Walter scott would have said, “O, what a tangled web we weave”, I could write a novel about how bad the Jets’ Quarterback situation is. No matter what Mornhinweg says, Sanchez will never be a franchise caliber signal caller, he is barely good enough to be a sub-par backup, but the real flop here that should not have a roster spot is Berry. All that really needs said is the the man was not wanted by the Detroit Lions, the Lions!, yes you did read that correctly. If Aaron Berry and his failure to do anything near to the duties of a cornerback with any competence is not wanted wanted by the Lions of all teams then it can only be a mistake if he has been given a place with the Jets.

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