Written by Gav


After a poor qualifying campaign so far, 1 win, 2 draws and a few losses, Scotland cannot qualify for the world cup in 2014.

But is it all doom and gloom?

Let’s look at the prospects for Scotland in the build up to the Euro 2016.


If you saw the match on Friday night, you would have seen Scotland put in a solid defensive performance in a smash and grab win. This was a team that had no SPL players in the first 11 (Leigh Griffiths belongs to Wolves). Their success could be attributed to the fact that they play at a higher level with better players and better coaching. To be honest, I think it’s best if Strachan avoids the Scottish Leagues unless there is a real stand-out player that is ripping teams to shred in any contest.

Here is the side that started Friday night –




G Hanley

R Martin







53_matt_1516866a images (2) images (3) images (4)

All these players are reasonably young, so you could say they have potential. But there are a lot of good young Scots’ players not starting such as – Matt Phillips, Jordan Rhodes,Ryan Jack and Stuart Armstrong – who all will get a lot more time next season to really show what they are made of.

JS17799464 images (5)

The real issue with Scotland is the defence, they’ve never had a solid partnership in there but Martin and Hanley did show something decent on Friday night in their first outing. I think Scotland can improve as a national side if more players are playing at a higher level either in England or in Europe and getting some game time alongside experience pros.

They need to go into the friendly against England in August with a bit of confidence and determination to beat the Auld Enemy and spoil their party like Ireland did against them recently and just take baby steps from there, aim to pick up some points in the last few games of the group stages and not finish last, that’s key to confidence.

So overall, Scotland needs to take it one step at a time and keep working on the defence.

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