Written by Dom

A big main event, at least for Fabricio Werdum who must be very close to being a title contender.


Rony Jason vs. Mike Wilkinson

Wilkinson is a Brit for those of you who didn’t keep an eye on the Smashes TUF series. This must have been one of the most unconvincing performances I’ve seen in some time. Wilkinson’s movement on the outside looked stiff at best. He got the takedown, and took it well too, but he was going into the guard of someone who clearly has pretty brutal skills on the ground and as a result, he totally done himself in. Didn’t really see enough of Jason standing, but when it got to the ground, he showed he means business. He’s someone I can’t wait to see more of against stiffer competition.


Daniel Sarafian vs. Eddie Mendez

I loved how when he wound up on the ground with Mendez, Sarafian just sorta buried himself in there, and from there he just slowly but surely worked his way around to the choke. He had the arm trapped and as soon as he passed, the fight was never going to last much longer. Mendez was in a bad position early here, and this was a very impressive showing from Sarafian. 


Godofredo Pepey vs. Felipe Arantes

As usual, Big Dan has to wait for someone to nearly get killed in the octagon before he steps in. Arantes had two series of blows on Pepey which went undefended and unanswered and the referee didn’t even look like stepping in. I enjoyed watching both guys. Arantes dominated from the top for a lot of the initial going, but Pepey worked very hard to get out of that, but Arantes wound up getting there again and just pounding the ever loving hell out of Pepey. Arantes found it VERY easy to get out of trouble when he got there. Mad skills.


Erick Silva vs. Jason High

Silva looked impressive against Fitch. Well, as impressive as you can look in a fight where you got dominated for three rounds. Very impressive stuff here as well. You just do not want to give Silva a chance on the ground because this guy is an absolute machine when it comes to submissions. If you can avoid it, you don’t go down there with him. Silva fought with an eye on about ten moves ahead. I want to see more and more of this kid. I’m a big fan.


Raphael Assuncao vs. Vaughan Lee

Lets hope that Lee puts on a better show than his fellow Brit did earlier. And sure enough, he does. Not good enough to win the fight right enough, but he was up against very stiff opposition here. Lee’s movement was very good and found a way through the defense of Assuncao a couple of times, and did a great job in round one of getting himself out of trouble, but Assuncao is good enough to persist and get what he wants, and the way in which he got the mount in round two in the lead up to the finish was class. Very good stuff from him there.


Antonio Braga Neto vs. Anthony Smith

More prelims. There seems to be a recurring theme here. Guy winds up on the ground with Brazilian. Guy gets tapped out. Another super impressive showing here, and what made me love this one was Neto, when Smith turned the position, adjusting and grabbing the leg and tapping Smith out with the heel hook. That is some serious skill.


Thiago Silva vs. Rafael Feijao

So what happens when there’s two Brazilians then? Do they just go into a stalemate and end up tied up like pretzels? I suppose that’s not likely, especially with guys who can bang. Silva gives Feijao the finger post-fight which says a lot about the class of the guy. Silva looked really good in there. Feijao faded away really, and Silva just stalked him all over the cage. Feijao had Silva in trouble, but when he never did enough to take advantage, that was the beginning of the end as he was absolutely knackered.


Caio Magalhaes vs. Karlos Vemola

I absolutely loved this fight. Both guys brought everything to the table here. The first round was one of the best rounds of 2013. Vemola was super aggressive and just pounded away at Magalhaes, but not that he was in TOTAL control, because Magalhaes continued to lock in the submissions but at that point Vemola was dealing with it really well. In the second round though, Magalhaes overwhelmed Vemola right from the word go, landing a big right hand within two seconds and then taking it from there. Credit to both guys in this one though, because it was a terrific fight.


William Patolino vs. Leonardo Santos

This is the TUF finale. Santos is replacing someone, so I’d guess this isn’t quite the “final”, but hey, you can’t account for injuries and such. You also can’t account for the guy who lost the semi final walking in and beating the heavy favourite. I have no idea how Patolino didn’t lose a point when he grabbed the fence to get top position, but I guess it doesn’t matter in the end. Patolino looked absolutely knackered in the second round. Santos didn’t look in it for the duration of the first round, but he kept in there and wound up winning the fight as a result. Kudos to the kid.


Fabricio Werdum vs. Antonio Minotauro Nogueira

Big night for Werdum this one, as a win certainly takes him closer to the champion. A loss to Big Nog would surely knock him a fair bit down the rankings. While I appreciate Big Nog is very good on the ground, I’d say he should have stuck with his boxing. Werdum was certainly not as comfortable as Big Nog on the feet. When the fight went to the ground in the second, Werdum was just incredible and he put Big Nog in big trouble right away and wound up losing the fight. Werdum can’t be far away here.

Can you really ask for anything more from a UFC show? Loads of finishes, especially some brilliant submissions, and some cracking fights.

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