Written by Dom


The Bellator Summer Series gets going.

Blas Avena vs. War Machine – Welterweight Fight

I haven’t seen much of War Machine admittedly. He’s fought once in three years though, so I guess there’s only so much you can see of someone like that. I like how they’re acting as if that’s his real name though. I think the ring announcer is the only guy that gives it a mention. I’m not sure what the referee was waiting for with the stoppage. It was pretty clear that Avena was not going to stop the barrage from War Machine. Avena gave it a good try but he was simply not slipping out of that. There was one point where Machine was landing brutal elbows and the referee really should have stepped in there. He was allowing Machine to find those rights and lefts right down the middle way too much. Good fun while it lasted this.

Vitaly Minakov vs. Ron Sparks – Heavyweight Tournament Semi Final

Minakov is coming into this fight undefeated. People with an undefeated streak always interest me. These two guys look like they just want to throw bombs, so I have to hope that this is going to be fun. Well, they threw bombs and this fight is over in a flash. Minakov lands a big right hand and down goes Sparks and then the flurry ends the fight. Not much to say about this, but I WILL say that Minakov looks like a very dangerous proposition in the H/W division and will probably go on and win this thing.

Ryan Martinez vs. Rich Hale – Heavyweight Tournament Semi Final

We don’t get a preview for this one, so there’s no expectations at all from me. There was 90 seconds of absolutely nothing in this fight, but then Martinez burst into action and got Hale down and then pounded his way to win. I don’t think he’ll be allowed that sort of time in the final against Minakov, but with him opening up quicker, Martinez may well get his opportunity sooner. Hale’s movement was decent, but he didn’t do enough before Martinez got his takedown. Interested to see how Martinez does in the final.

Jacob Noe vs. “Babalu” Sobral – Light Heavyweight Tournament Semi Final

Sobral has gone beyond experienced and into “old” territory. Noe handed Petruzelli a defeat in his last Bellator tournament experience, so he’ll be looking to hand another UFC veteran a defeat here. Babalu really wasn’t going to win this fight at any point. He spent far too much of the fight simply trying to trade with Noe. In the first round, all he did was go right into the counter striking of Noe. He seemed to get a handle of that for much of the second round and then Noe found his range as the aggressor and started just teeing off. I can see why the referee stopped it when he did. All that was happening was Noe was punching the shit out of Babalu and that was only going to continue. Impressive from Jacob Noe.

Seth Petruzelli vs. “King” Mo Lawal – Light Heavyweight Tournament Semi Final

King Mo disappointed a lot of people getting KOed last time out. This was a chance to redeem himself against something of an MMA vet in Petruzelli. King Mo just BRAINS Seth with a right hand on the ground and that ends the fight. Good lord. Mo knew the fight was done as soon as he landed it. He didn’t even move to land another and then the referee stepped in. Brutal brutal KO.
The usual fun show from Bellator with good finishes, fun fights and nothing too boring on here.

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