Written by Gav

So, following a fantastic PPV in Payback and an awesome RAW the next night, where does WWE go from here?


Firstly, the main talking point from Payback was the return of CM Punk. Punk used his momentum from the face turn the night before to have a battle of words and then battle of fists on Monday night RAW. This cemented the Punk face turn. Following the finish of their match, Brock Lesnar came down to the ring, grabbed a mic and F5’d Punk. This is surely setting up a match for Summerslam between the 2! I imagine we’ll see Punk fight in a ladder match at MITB, which leaves them an extra month to build Lesnar vs Punk. One thing I loved seeing was Punk and Heyman working as a team on the mic, but I’d much rather Punk and Heyman go against each other on the mic, which is exactly what’s going to happen. If they build this correctly, they could have Punk prove to be the Ultimate underdog by beating Brock Lesnar with a 1-2-3 count. This really would give him the push he needs to kick on and win the WWE title back.


Secondly, I’m going to talk about the future of the World Heavyweight Title. At this moment in time, we’re seeing Dolph Ziggler chase Alberto Del Rio for the title following his loss at Payback. The WWE executed the perfect double turn by showing Ziggler as the resilient no-surrendering face, and Del Rio as the sneaky and slippery heel. This could be an interesting feud with Del Rio can pull off a few good promos as Ziggler’s promo work is already up there with the best on the current roster. We’ve also got the MITB ladder match for the briefcase for a title shot, this means that a third person – probably Christian – will be added to the fray, making this that little bit more interesting as both Del Rio and Ziggler have history with Christian’s buddy, Edge. All in all, the validity of this belt is really coming back as they are having great matches for the belt regularly.

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Next up, I’m going to talk about the supposed turning of Orton from face to heel. I for one endorse this turn. The guy is boring as a face, how can you have voices in your head taking you to the next extreme but be a good guy? I think he needs to turn heel, bring back the punt kick and just destroy people. But the worst thing for him to do is go over Bryan, or Bryan goes over him. The only ways I can think of getting round this is introducing Kane into any potential feud and have either Bryan or Orton and have them destroy each other, destroy Kane and pin Kane, keeping both Bryan and Orton strong.

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Obviously the return of Rob Van Dam is another big factor, I don’t think he’s coming back to be a major player in the WWE, but I do believe that he is here to put over some of the younger guys. He can have a good match when he shows a bit of dedication and acts like he can be arsed. I can see them having him in the ladder match along with a few other top guys like Punk and Bryan and have a really good match filled with good workers.

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Finally, I have to mention what’s next for Cena, I’d quite like to see him fight Bryan somewhere along the line, this could tie in with Bryan winning the MITB match and doing what Cena did last year, give the guy some notice. This could allow Bryan to prove that he’s not the weak link. But, obviously we’ve got Cena vs Mark Henry to go through first, after Henry’s quite frankly awesome promo at raw last week to set up a feud between the 2.

So folks. This is what I hope to see coming from the WWE in the next few months.

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