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Its clear to see Rampage and the UFC had a nasty divorce in MMA terms but the fact is after the UFC and Rampage grew tiresome of each other Rampage had a few doors he could go though due to his profile.


With TV credits including King of Queens, The Cleveland Show and WWE Raw and he was also cast as B.A baracus in the 2010 film version of the A-Team which could have ultimately led to his UFC exit as this was during his self imposed exile from the UFC.


Safe to say there was no love lost between Rampage and UFC President Dana White so the split from the UFC wasn’t a shock. Rampage had a fan massive fan base in Japan from his PRIDE! days so that was one of many post UFC choices on the table but he made to choice to sign with Viacom part owners of MMA organisation Bellator and partners of professional wrestling firm TNA Wrestling on Spike TV a Viacom channel.

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At his press conference he stated that he might move up to the heavyweight division, Rampage has never been fond of the cut to 205 what MMA fighter is but as far as Bellator go this is an interesting move for Rampage should he decide to fight at heavyweight. There is no question he would add to an already promising division in Bellator once he is finished rehabbing from a knee injury so he will not fight till late 2013 maybe early 2014 but he is working with TNA Wrestling in the meantime.


TNA Impact Wrestling are part of the deal and Rampage so far has been working with 1996 Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, but with Rampage being injured its hard to say what he will be able to do for TNA except from just appear on TV.

The Sports Lab UK Wrestling writer’s Dom & Gav had their say on the matter

Dom – “If they give Rampage Jackson ring time with their older heads in tag matches and stuff, I believe he’ll become a big star for them”.

Gav – “It would be a bit different if they went with a Wrestling against MMA style of thing, which is something WWE really hasn’t attempted. I hope it works and I think Angle is the guy to stick him with if they want him to learn and learn well”.

But its safe to say Rampage is still keen on fighting and has plenty left in the tank,  the deal suits both parties so Rampage still has a lot of offer and he’s sticking around for a while yet.

So till next time its Gazz saying see you cage side

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