Raw Written by Dom

Smackdown Written by Gav

Money in the Bank Preview Written by Gav

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WWE RAW 09/07/2013 REVIEW

This show features the hotly anticipated debut of The Wyatt Family. And sure enough, the show opens with a new video which ends with Bray Wyatt saying “we’re coming”. They’ve really got the hype going for this lot. I hope they live up in the future.

In the ring to open things, Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero. The crowd are on the back of Guerrero right from the off. She talks about the names associated with the ladder match, including a mention for Razor Ramon. She also says that the ladder is symbolic for her career as well, and she proceeds to climb the ladder. She then goes on a tangent about women in the workplace. The fans chant for the referees to push the ladder. HAHAHA!!! Once they twig that this isn’t happening, they boo some more. She’s really doing some serious sucking up, but Jerry Lawler grabs the microphone. The McMahon family want the opinions of the WWE universe as part of the job review that will be coming later. Oh for goodness sake, just END THIS DAMNED SEGMENT!!! John Cena will go face to face with Mark Henry, and she’s also booked matches between the guys in the ladder match. Including Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus… RIGHT NOW!!!

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

And the crowd goes batshit for Daniel Bryan. His rise has been amazing. This is also a wee off shoot from the comments Sheamus made about beating Daniel Bryan in seconds on the biggest stage of them all. I’m a big fan of the matches these two guys have had and this was another very good outing from them. Sheamus is a much better wrestler than anyone gives him credit for. Thought it went a bit too long and dragged after a while, but you take what you can get on free TV. ***

Backstage with AJ Lee and Big Zeke and then Dolph Ziggler turns up. AJ Lee turns on the charm and tells Ziggler he’s her priority. Ziggler seems happy enough, but to be honest, he just wants to get in AJ’s drawers.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. Tons of Funk

I can only hope that this match isn’t very long. I don’t have much time for the Funk team so long as Lord Tensai is still a part of it. What is it with matches these days which should have one easy winner? The Shield should have been hammering these guys into dust. WWE clearly don’t have much interest in Clay and Tensai anymore so why do they look even close to decent against the tag team champions who are supposed to be some sort of great force? It’s actually a decent wee formula tag match this one, but the gripes remain. **1/2

We’re going to have a face to face between Mark Henry and John Cena now. Mark Henry is a serious badass of a man. Mark Henry says John Cena is afraid. Cena isn’t afraid, but Henry thinks he should be. Cena decides to reel out his usual crap childish humour. Henry’s gonna chill. Mark Henry thinks Cena is a puppet, and says he’d sell out his own mother to win the WWE title. When things get serious, this promo gets very good. You’ve got two guys who can be as convincing as anyone and both guys come across as a big deal. Mark Henry teases getting involved with John Cena but then decides he’s gonna walk… before blindsiding him. Superb stuff here.

Interview with Randy Orton where he talks about CM Punk and how he isn’t the best in the world. It’s a Randy Orton backstage interview, so obviously it’s boring.

Paul Heyman talks about Curtis Axel pre-match here, and wants him to do some speaking himself. As you’d expect, this doesn’t end very well, as he’s an absolutely atrocious talker.

Chris Jericho vs. Curtis Axel

This match is actually a lot of fun here. The break seemed to take a bit of momentum away from it as they didn’t appear to be going for long, but everything from the Neckbreaker in the ropes onwards was excellent. Jericho showing that he can still do some miracles now and again with average talent. It’s worth noting that The Miz was at the announce table and they didn’t focus on that nearly enough. I certainly didn’t notice until pretty late in the day. The Miz gets involved and Jericho gets the win in the end in a nice wee match. **3/4

Backstage and we have Rhodes Scholars back there, but then Zeb Colter turns up with his boys. Wade Barrett turns up and it looks like we’re getting some previews for the match. The guys with Fandango don’t want him to say his name. Wade Barrett punches him in the face. That was actually quite funny.

Sin Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio

How many times has this match happened now? I guess Del Rio must be one of the only guys that WWE can trust to put in the ring with him. I wish they’d just get Samuray Del Sol into NXT and get Sin Cara dropped. I like how Del Rio just punches, kicks and shoulders his way through the match while Sin Cara is doing all of these flashy moves. Ziggler gets involved and the whole thing goes tits up as nobody seems sure what happened at the end. Especially since Sin Cara added a lovely Plancha at the end leading to us thinking things were still going. It was largely boring stuff before that point. *

So we now have the public job evaluation. There’s some good stuff here. Much like last week, Stephanie McMahon is a total revelation. She completely takes centre stage from the word go. Vince McMahon has his own agenda of course, which appears to be to annoy Triple H endlessly. It works of course, because Triple H is on his feet telling us all how crap Vickie Guerrero is. Vince McMahon thinks Vickie Guerrero should be the permanent GM. HHH then starts accusing Vince of looking for a “Yes” person. Which is obviously being done to get a rise, but then he puts things in the hands of Stephanie. She then decides to put the job in the hands of the poll and that decides in pretty dramatic fashion that she fails. Stephanie then fires Vickie. Vince puts things in the hands of Brad Maddox. You know, I didn’t have high hopes for that segment, but the entire thing worked out brilliantly. Brad Maddox’s reaction at the end was the icing on the cake.

Vickie attacks Maddox backstage like a total maniac. She’s been terrific during this whole thing as well.

Christian vs. Kane

You see this match on paper and you get the feeling that things will be boring. Right? Well, not wrong at all. This was largely boring stuff. Christian is just so bland and Kane isn’t good enough to get much out of him. However… things take a dark turn when Bray Wyatt turns up on the screen and cuts an utterly utterly wonderful promo, followed by one of the best wrestling entrances in years. The tag team looked like maniacs and just destroyed Kane. Some idiots in the crowd chant “Husky Harris”, but that can’t take away from the incredible debut.

Ryback offers Vickie a hug, which is a weird touch.

Alicia Fox and AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn and Layla

Hey look, it’s more divas action that I actually give a crap about. Much of the match is Layla taking a kicking, which Kaitlyn doesn’t approve of and attacks her. Kaitlyn lands the biggest spear ever on the floor. She practically lapped the ring and landed that one. So we didn’t get much of a match in that there, but it was yet more intrigue to the title match on Sunday, and I could watch Kaitlyn spear AJ Lee all day.

CM Punk vs. Randy Orton

These two guys had decent matches around one Wrestlemania, and their good chemistry continued here. A good wee TV match, although it didn’t really feel like a main event even with Daniel Bryan coming out after it and doing the stand tall spot going into Sunday. **1/2


This was a hot and cold show. The main segments were very good. The Wyatts made a debut that was worthy of the buildup they were being given, and Cena and Henry turned it on. Also some fun from The McMahons and some fun matches and you have a good show.

Smackdown Review


CM Punk starts off cutting a promo before Del Rio interrupts. Del Rio insults the American people. Punk tells Del Rio that despite him being champion, he’s still not best in the world. Teddy Long interrupts and makes our main event of Punk vs Del Rio. I liked this segment, I think Punk dragged the best out of Del Rio and really did give a good promo about him being rebellious and always the anti-hero style of thing. I just love CM Punk right now.

First match on this week’s Smackdown we have The Rhodes Scholars facing up against the #1 Contenders the Uso’s. I like Jimmy and Jey, but I just can’t take them as legitimate threats to Rollins and Reigns, it’s a shame but they have booked The Shield so strongly against top guys I just can’t see them losing to anyone. The match itself was good stuff from 4 young superstars, some nice highflying stuff from the Uso’s. To finish the match we saw Jimmy Uso super kick Rhodes off the apron, then the brothers took to opposite turnbuckles and hit a diving splash in unison for the 1-2-3 count. In all honesty, the match kept the Uso’s looking strong BUT it did not help Rhodes and Sandow look like realistic threats to winning the briefcase this coming Sunday.

Next up we had a Diva’s match, Alicia Fox vs Kaitlyn, predictable match, AJ came down at the start, skipped about, and distracted Kaitlyn and Fox grabbed the roll up for the win. I liked this and I disliked it, I think it would have been better to have Kaitlyn pick up the win to show that AJ isn’t in our head.

Next up we have Christian vs Randy Orton. I’m a big fan of both guys as wrestlers, and I’m glad they got some time together to really work a good match. It was good solid physical ring action, I felt that the crowd were really into it. To finish, Christian jumped over Orton, and whilst turning round he got nailed by an RKO. I only think Christian has won once since returning, against Barrett? He’s not winning come Sunday and I can just tell that by the build.

Oh jolly good, Dolph Ziggler is in action…NEXT…against Drew McIntrye. As you’d expect, after a little bit of offense, Ziggler hits a finisher and wins. I hate how they’re using Drew. I don’t think fighting guys like 3MB is really doing anything to make Dolph seem like a legit threat. Have him go over guys like Kane to make me believe he’s a potential champion!

Now now, we’ve got two more matches left, the first being FAAAAAAAAAAAAANDAAAAAAAAAAANGO vs Justin Gabriel, Fandango squashes Gabriel, which sucked, he hit his leg drop from the top rope for the 1-2-3 count. Meh, I can see Fandango winning on Sunday.


CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio, he comes out without Ricardo Rodriguez who has a 30-day cold. Heyman is out on commentary just backing up Punk and saying this match is stupid. Punk starts off doing well with a few shots to the ribs and a snapmare. Del Rio starts working over the arm of Punk. Strong kicks to the arm of Punk. Del Rio goes for the armbreaker but Punk elbows him in the face and hits a forearm. Punk gets caught by a backbreaker. Del Rio punches Heyman on the outside and Punks dives off the announce table onto Del Rio. Match ends in a double countout. The finish I suppose was an ideal outcome, keeps both guys looking strong and keeps the Punk and Heyman stuff going. To end the whole show, CM Punk hits the GTS on Del Rio to take out his frustrations at the outcome of the match.



MITB Preview

This Sunday is MITB, I’m going to be giving you a short preview of what’s going to be happening and predictions from some of the writers at The Sports Lab UK!


All-Stars MITB Ladder Match – CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs Kane (TBC) vs Rob Van Damn vs Christian vs Sheamus.

 Very strong  group of guys there that can give us a great ladder match. Bryan and Punk will really be the stand outs as I think RVD will be sluggish.

Gav’s Prediction – I’m going to go with Daniel Bryan to win.

Dom’s Prediction – I’m gonna go with CM Punk making it win #3.

Gazz’s Prediction – CM Punk


Future Starts MITB Ladder Match – Wade Barrett vs Fandango vs Antonio Cesaro vs Jack Swagger vs Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes vs Dean Ambrose.

 A few gifted guys in there like Ambrose and Rhodes mixed in with lumps of crap like Swagger. I reckon Ambrose will make this match great, I don’t think there is a bad match on the card.

Gav’s Prediction – I reckon Fandango will pick up the blue briefcase.

Dom’s Prediction – I’m gonna go with Dean Ambrose.

Gazz’s Prediction – Wade Barrett 


John Cena vs Mark Henry WWE Title Match

 Most people see this match as filler until Summerslam when they go for the big match between Bryan and Cena. I reckon that this will be a decent enough match with a clean win for the babyface.

Gav’s Prediction – John Cena to retain.

Dom’s Prediction – Cena.

Gazz’s Prediction – Cena


Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler World Heavyweight Championship

This match has had some good build up, we’ve seen Ziggler take out Del Rio’s little friend and crash Del Rio’s matches at every chance. It’ll be a top quality match with top quality action.

Gav’s Prediction – Dolph Ziggler to regain the world title, oh yes!

Dom’s Prediction – Ziggler.

Gazz’s Prediction – Dolph Ziggler


The Shield vs The Uso’s World Tag Team Titles

 I think we’ll get to see quick high flying action between Rollins and the two Uso’s, but Reigns being the real powerhouse and difference maker between loss and win, The Shield will prove too much this time for The Uso’s.

Gav’s Prediction – Easy win for The Shield.

Dom’s Prediction – The Shield

Gazz’s Prediction – The Shield


Chris Jericho vs Ryback Singles Match

 I expect to see Vickie Guerrero in the corner of Ryback for this match after their wee moment on RAW Monday night after her sacking. I think this will really help Ryback as he really isn’t the greatest of talkers.

Gav’s Prediction – Ryback to take Jericho in a screwy finish

Dom’s Prediction – Jericho.

Gazz’s Prediction – Ryback


AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn Diva’s Title Match

This match has had a great build, especially by Diva’s standards. The fact that AJ is getting into the head of Kaitlyn is making it believable that someone that small can beat someone as powerful as Kaitlyn.  

 Gav’s Prediction – AJ Lee to retain.

Dom’s Prediction – AJ

Gazz’s Prediction – AJ Lee


Curtis Axel vs The Miz Intercontinental Title Match

Hoping for good things from this match, I have faith in the two technical competitors in this match but if the crowd don’t take interest it’s buggered well and truly.

Gav’s Prediction – Curtis Axel to win with the help of Heyman.

Dom’s Prediction – Axel.

Gazz’s Prediction – Axel



All in all, I’m looking forward to this PPV, MITB is always great fun and great quality. A few other writers such as Gazz, Andy and Dom are going to be watching the PPV, hopefully I’ll be able to grab their thoughts on the PPV come next Wrestling Wednesday!


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