Money in the Bank Review Written by Dom & Gav

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MITB 2013 Review

Gav : Money in the Bank 2013 is coming live from Philadelphia, home of RVD! Our friends of the RWR Podcast did this as a live event with a panel of 3 contributors.

We’ve firstly got an actually decent match on the pre-show – The Shield vs Uso’s, and as predicted The Shield retained. It really was a great match, The Uso’s are legitimate great workers and their high flying style really compliments the composition of The Shield. But I’m glad the Shield won in the end and they really need to get back to taking out big names to stop themselves sliding into mid card obscurity. 7/10

Now for the actual show, we kick off with Fandango half way down to the ring with Ambrose already there. I have no clue why they didn’t have their entrances fully on the actual PPV. Following them, we had The Real Americans – Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro, The Rhodes Scholars – Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett. We get a good quick start, this was a real high tempo match with some great spots. A favourite of mine was Ambrose putting his head in the ladder and spinning it round to take out the Real Americans, he also did a nice spot where he flipped onto the ladder whilst it was being held up by the Real Americans only to be dumped out the ring. I liked Reigns and Rollins coming down to help Ambrose push onto victory only for the Uso’s to get involved, we had them take out Fandango to rule him out of victory, then roll on to the outside to brawl with everyone else except Sandow who was hiding and Rhodes who had fought the Shield off. Rhodes was alone on the ladder, and was about to grab the case until his friend Sandow came in and chucked him off the ladder and grabbed the case. This was Cody’s big moment, it was his face turn and everyone was talking about his efforts in the match rather than Sandow’s victory. I hope they feud and I hope Rhodes moves onto to get the case off of Sandow. 9/10.

Next up was The MIz vs Curtis Axel accompanied by Paul Heyman. It was a bit of a meh match, it wasn’t poor but it didn’t set my heart on fire with excitement. I liked how they got the crowd riled up in the early goings, by getting Heyman kicked out after the Miz duped the ref into thinking he’d be walloped. Towards the end we had Axel hit the perfectplex only for Miz to kick out, then we had a submission counter frenzy for a few mins then Axel hit a neckbreaker style of thing for the 3 count. 6/10.

Following on from this we had another surprisingly good match from Kaitlyn and AJ. They both looked phenomenal. Kaitlyn was accompanied by her “rock” Layla and AJ accompanied by Big E in his ring gear for no reason. These two with their styles compliment each other well, AJ can really sell Kaitlyn’s spear and make it look painful. The match finished with AJ making Kaitlyn tap out to the Black Widow. A really good match by Diva’s standards, but it still only merits a 6, but it does shade Axel vs The Miz.

The next match was Ryback vs Chris Jericho. I thought this would be a glorified squash match, but actually it was really quite close. This is the first time I have really been impressed by Ryback in a match against someone outwith the top guys. Jericho really did make him look good and sold the meat hook well. I actually thought Jericho would snatch the win and go into the All-Stars match later on in the night. But it turned out that Ryback had to snatch the win with a cheeky roll-up so he really was pushed close by Jericho which I did like as he was tested. This match was again decent, but really nothing spectacularly amazing. Another 6/10.

Next match was the one I was looking forward to the most, Del Rio vs Ziggler. Ziggler got a massive pop off the crowd when he came out. This match did not disappoint me at all, we got to see an array of Ziggler’s selling talents including a particular favourite when he dived into the turnbuckle, you could actually hear his head bounce off it. One thing that really impresses me about both of them is the elevation they can get on their drop kicks. Only the one botch from Del Rio in this match where he slid through the ropes when he was meant to grab them. The finish to this match was a bit crappy, AJ came out to support Ziggler and “help” him, she grabs her belt and wallops Del Rio in the face, causing Ziggler to lose by DQ. Horeshit finish, no other way to say it. But a great match they put on, 8/10 was well deserved.

We had the WWE title match next, so Cena vs Henry. I liked the build for this match but I wasn’t particularly excited about the match itself. Henry’s retirement speech was pure gold along with his salmon pink blazer. It was a typical Cena underdog match, where he was pushed about and dominated, but he got in his 5 moves off doom and an eventual AA but Henry kicked out. Cena went extreme and went for a top turnbuckle move but Henry caught him and gave him a WSS for his troubles, but Cena kicked out then locked in the STF for Henry to tap. I wasn’t expecting much from this match and in my opinion I was right not to, in all honesty I’m just glad it only got 15 mins. It deserves a 5.5/10 and that is what it’s getting.

Finally, we had the main event and a match everyone had waited for, the All-Stars match. CM Punk, Sheamus, RVD, Christian, Bryan and Orton were the competitors after Kane was ruled out due to injury. RVD got a huuuuge pop, and he deserves it for the shape he’s managed to get himself into after his frolick in TNA. I’m so glad he’s giving a damn now about wrestling again. The crowd were made to wait for RVD to fight as he was taken out by the other guys, then Sheamus was taken out, then Christian and then Orton, leaving D-Bryan and Punk in the ring, they had a stand off but were interrupted by RVD who tried to come in but was taken out by Bryan. When RVD came in he really was rolling and hit his signature moves. The rest of this match was pretty meh up until Bryan made his dash for the case, but Axel came out and hit his finisher on him. Punk then got up and grabbed Axel on the outside and hit the GTS, then started to climb the ladder himself, Heyman came up on the apron to encourage him initially but then started walloping him with the ladder, Punk slumped down the ladder then Heyman smashed it against face and busting him open in the process. What a nice way to treat your friend. After this Orton slid into the ring and SLOWLY climbed the ladder and SLOWLY grabbed the case off the hook and SLOWLY celebrated. I’m not sure if this finish was the best option, but it did give him a sure fire way of turning heel which is something. Overall, this match deserves an 8/10. Meaning that it was the second best match of the night with the Smackdown Ladder match being the best.

We also have the thoughts of other writers Dom, Gazz and Andy.

Andy: Being out of date with the wrestling I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the characters or storylines coming into this event but I enjoyed the ladder fights they were all out non stop action and you didn’t have a clue who was winning it. I was impressed with the two divas that fought, also few submissions being thrown about which is always nice. The two matches for the main belts lacked the wow factor for the likes of me who haven’t seen it for ages but it was a good event all in all as it was something different having not watched it in so long.

Dom: One of my favourite PPVs of every year. If you put two ladder matches on a show, I’ll always be reasonably happy.

Dean Ambrose vs. Fandango vs. Jack Swagger vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow vs. Wade Barrett – Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Wow. Just… wow. It’s hard to beat a ladder match when they both 1) bring the mental and 2) the whole thing clicks. All of these guys brought out some unbelievable spots and when you think the spots aren’t gonna get topped they just keep on bringing the amazing. I genuinely can’t remember enjoying a match quite this much and no wonder the audience was going absolutely mental for absolutely everything. Those seven guys made a name for themselves. The way the crowd was rooting for Cody Rhodes against The Shield warmed my heart a bit as well. So yeah, this was probably the best money in the bank match ever, and a near classic. ****3/4

Brad Maddox is the next thing we see, and this is my first proper look at him. I have to admit, I do kinda like him. He’s seemingly a deliberate “try too hard” awkward kind of a guy.

Curtis Axel (c) vs. The Miz – WWE Intercontinental Championship

This match has the potential to be the dullest match on the card. Curtis Axel should never be allowed to speak. Even when he’s talking during a match, he’s just tedious to listen to. This is more entertaining than I was willing to realise. Curtis Axel doing a head drop suplex in the middle of the match is a strange sight. Didn’t think I’d see that often in WWE shows. It’s not a great match by any means, but as midcard filler after a great match, you can give some slack. **1/2

AJ Lee (c) vs. Kaitlyn – WWE Divas’ Championship

The continuation of this fued is what I want to see. As you’d expect from these two, we actually get a pretty good match from them. The bad arm of Kaitlyn was key to the match, although I thought they’d pay more attention to it. AJ Lee’s willingness to bump like a maniac for Kaitlyn’s power moves also added to things a fair bit, and AJ Lee, once again, comes across as a tough cookie as she makes Kaitlyn tapout clean in the middle of the ring after taking it all.

Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

At least we’ll probably see the end of this fued now. I won’t have to hear the name “Cryback” again. They’re treading the line very carefully with Ryback between being a moron and being a coward. I don’t think they’ve quite crossed that dangerous line yet. Very boring stuff this for the most part. Jericho has had success against big guys who aren’t great before, but this match wasn’t one of his finest moments. Ryback having a bad wheel can excuse why he didn’t just steamroll Jericho. Doesn’t make it any less boring of course. **

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler – World Heavyweight Championship

These two guys will have to do quite a bit to top what they did in their last match against each other. The crowd are waaayyyy behind Ziggler here. The head work from Alberto Del Rio didn’t have anywhere near the impact that it had the previous time, but Del Rio’s intensity was enough that he still kept things feeling fresh. Some nice counters, some big stuff and a hot crowd ensured that this match was a very good one, which unfortunately got dragged down a touch from the AJ Lee involvement. ***3/4

John Cena (c) vs. Mark Henry – WWE Championship

Mark Henry on form is a lot of fun. He has a proper badass aura about him. John Cena being super serious and more than taking Henry seriously only helped to add to the aura before the match, and they played on that very well with Mark Henry being one of the most dominant opponents that Cena has ever had. The battle he had for every move, and the selling even when he was doing his big comeback near the end did even more. WWE really went all out to make Mark Henry look great against Randy Orton, and he looked about as good as anyone has against John Cena. Add that to the fact that this match was REALLY dramatic and you have a damn fine match. ****

Rob Van Dam vs. Christian vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. CM Punk – RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match

CM Punk looks really greasy these days, doesn’t he? This match was nowhere near the quality of the opening match. Obviously with the talent on show, you’re going to at least get a very entertaining match. Rob Van Dam got the chance to do something of a greatest hits set with all of his key moves in there. The match didn’t have the lunacy and the innovation of the Smackdown match, but that’s not to say that it didn’t have it’s moments. Daniel Bryan was involved in one of the more fun sequences of the show. It all just felt a bit clunky though, and the interference didn’t work as well as it did in the opening match, and I don’t feel the right man won this at all. So it’s decent stuff, but nothing to write home about. ***


This is an amazing PPV. The opening match is one of the best matches of this type you’re likely to see. The two title matches are worth seeking out as well.

Gazz: Money in the bank was a solid show, the smackdown future stars match was outstanding Cody Rhodes was the standout performer of the night. The divas match was very good, liking AJ Lee as the crazy bitch. Curtis Axel had another good showing with the Miz he is definitely one to watch in the next few years. Ryback and Jericho looked out of place in the lineup, Dolph Ziggler shows more and more why he one of the top players in the company. Cena had another routine title defence but he has more awaiting him….watch out for that. The all star money in the bank match was a slight let down in regard to the guys involved, but Punk and Bryan stood out as the stars of the match. Arton winning the briefcase was a sign that he will turn heal but i still see that as a pointless move however all in all i would give the show 3 Stars.

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