Written by Gazz


October 1, 2011 was the last time Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz fought in the UFC when he successfully defended his belt against Demetrious Johnston who is now the first and current Flyweight Champion in UFC.

Injury has been the main reason was sometimes cannot be helped.


On May 7th 2012, while training for his rubber match with Urijah Faber for the UFC Bantamweight Championship Cruz tore his ACL  and has been out since then and the question must be asked if theres a case for the UFC to consider stripping him of the title.

Despite the injury and his long layoff he is still ranked 1 in the world in the MMA rankings



Cruz hits the 24-month mark on October 1st of 2013 in his last title defence and if that happens he’ll go from the #1 ranked Bantamweight to being completely unranked but still the UFC Champion so this poses a very clear problem for the Dana White and the UFC.

Is it time the UFC forced him to vacate and adopt a more strict title defense system like you see in boxing?

Possibly make Barao v Wineland for the actual belt, not interim.

And although it was long ago, there is precedent as Frank Mir was stripped of his Heavyweight Championship after only 14 months.

I feel the UFC and we as fans have been patient with his recovery, but its time to let someone else become the champion and should Cruz recover give him a title shot then as he would never technically have ‘lost’ the championship.

The UFC need to think of introducing an 18 month rule in which the title must be defended within that time

If you don’t defend the title within those 18 months you lose the belt, but keep a top 5 ranking

This is a tough choice for all parties and its been cruel luck that Dominick Cruz has been struck down with such a bad injury as we all know how talented he is with his 19-1 record in RITC, TC, WEC and UFC where only Urijah Faber has defeated him back in Match 2007, a loss that Cruz avenged in July 2011.

images (3)

Cruz is up there with the MMA elite and we hope he is back in action soon and actually defends his belt as us MMA fans want to see the best fight and Cruz is one of the best but at the same time its unfair on the Bantamweight division to have a champion inactive for so long as it hurts the division and the ambitious fighters in it.

So till next time its gazz see you cage side


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