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Written by Andy Today we honour one of the greats in golf, the left handed American superstar Phil Mickelson after his fantastic final round triumph at Muirfield to claim his 5th golf major title and become The Open 2013 Champion. We will also have a general look at how The Open Championship went down on […]


Written by Andy    Welcome to The Open Championship 2013 from Muirfield in East Lothian, Scotland which is the 142nd time this historic championship has been played in the game of golf. Out of the 141 previous winners we have defending champion Ernie Els of South Africa but interestingly enough there has been wins from […]


Written by Andy After Justin Rose’s amazing win at the US Open at Merion it got me thinking, Justin finally has a major win his golfing talents deserve but how many other great players still haven’t won a big one? Today we will address that very issue with ten players who I believe are the […]


Written by Andy The US Open Championship heads back to a familiar haunt at Merion for its 113th iteration, a nostalgic return to the site of some of the defining moments that made the tournament what it is today. When you think of Merion you think of Ben Hogan who gained immortal status in the […]


Written by Andy Today we will have a look at some pretty spectacular holes in the game of golf which offer a combination of beautiful scenery, difficulty and outright unique brilliance in design. You probably won’t see a hole I used to play on regularly which featured a burnt out stolen car or a hole […]

Golf : The Quality Has Never Been Higher

Written by Andy Has there ever been so much quality in the game of golf? Gone are the days of Tiger Woods dominating every single week on the PGA Tour and Majors, what we have now is the most even field of players I’ve ever seen and I’ve been a golf fan my whole life. […]

5 Young Sportsman Heading For Superstar Status

Written by Andy There are so many exciting sports for us all to enjoy these days and the one constant in a lot of these sports is some of the quality players seem to be getting younger and younger playing with quality way beyond their years. On this piece I will be discussing young sportsman […]

Preview to the Weekend of Sport…

Written by Andy Good evening sports fans and welcome again to the blog where we will preview an action packed preview to this weekends sport. I was actually going to start doing sport weekend previews last Friday but I had to step out of The Sports Lab so it starts today! Football Big weekend of […]

Why Germany Is The Place To Be For Sport

Written by Andy   Welcome again sports fans today I will be discussing a country I admire in terms of some sports I love and enjoy. As many know already the German Bundesliga is my favourite league in football and has been for the past four or five years. The structure of the league and […]

Great Sporting Comebacks

Written by Andy   Welcome again sports fans and today we are going to talk about the Greatest Sporting Comebacks of all time! Yes you could well say this blog was inspired by a certain master-class at the weekend and we might just speak about that great achievement in a little bit so stay tuned!   2005 Champions League […]