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Written by Andy Heavyweight boxing in the past several years has been dominated by a couple of brothers of based in Germany via their birth place of Ukraine and those brothers are Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko. A lot of boxing fans say the competition in the heavyweight division isn’t what it was and while I […]

5 Young Sportsman Heading For Superstar Status

Written by Andy There are so many exciting sports for us all to enjoy these days and the one constant in a lot of these sports is some of the quality players seem to be getting younger and younger playing with quality way beyond their years. On this piece I will be discussing young sportsman […]

The Rise Of Mixed Martial Arts Has It Replaced Boxing?

Written by Andy Welcome again sports fans This latest blog is about two sports I am very passionate about and have loved for a number of years. The combative sports always have a place in the hearts of people in Great Britain and I’m no different. This is another question that I have seen asked on […]

Has 2012 Been British Sports Finest?

Written by Andy Welcome again my friends There is no doubt the year of 2012 shall go down as one of the best ever years in terms of sporting achievement Great Britain & Northern Ireland has ever seen. What our sports men and woman have done is nothing short of spectacular and I firmly believe these magnificent […]