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Written by Andy Not long until the football season now folks and today we’ll have a little fun with this blog and I’ll name who I believe to be the top 3 players in each position in world football right now. I’m sure we’ll all have our views on this but as ever contact us […]

Best Goalkeepers In The World

Written by Andy Greetings again sports fans and the topic of today will be the top goalkeepers in world football. Some would say in the past goalkeepers had to  be a bit crazy to play in the position and more often than not a lot of great characters in the game played in goal but […]

Who is The Best Footballer In The World?

Written by Andy Today we will explore a question that I’m sure literally every football fan would have their own views on…Who is the best footballer on the planet? Its a question that I’ve always had the same answer for, not just because I’m being nit-picky or trying to be a smart arse but because I genuinely believe its a valid response despite the […]